stunt attack racing created from your favourite music

Riff Racer


Epic, stunt filled, audio powered racetracks that unite music and driving like never before.

Riff Racer's MEGA engine analyses any song down to its core components and creates a unique racing experience from it.

Riff Racer - Epic stunt filled racing

Race the music


Action on track is synced to the audio, you literally have to race the music to stay in time and score points.

Riff Racer multiplies your score based on how in time you're racing. The closer to the song's playhead you get, the more we multiply your score. You can even push through the playhead into Super Sync mode for a 10x multiplier.

Riff Racer - Race the music

Seriously fun handling


Riff Racer's music themed vehicles strike the perfect balance between accurate physics and the control you need to negotiate obstacles.

You can balance a drift on a pin head, but you can also steer the in the air to give you a fighting chance of staying on track during one of the game’s many adrenaline charged stunts.

Riff Racer - Seriously fun handling

Diverse, genre based vehicles


Riff Racer's vehicles are custom designed around music genres like rock, metal, hip-hop and dance.

Playing a genre for the first time automatically unlocks a vehicle. More genre cars are visible in the garage and can be unlocked by spending the coins you pick up on track.

Riff Racer also has secret "easter egg" cars that only unlock when you play a special song. You’ll need to have a serious dig around in your music collection to unearth those.

Riff Racer - Genre based cars

Charts, leaderboards and ghosts

  • Browse the charts to see Riff Racer's most popular songs across all main music genres.
  • Be the first player to convert a song and get "creator" status on its online leaderboard.
Riff Racer - charts and leaderboards
  • Challenge your friends, beat their scores and earn bonus tokens to spend on vehicles.
  • Use ghost mode to work out how the track leader got their score.
Riff Racer - Ghost mode

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